Car Insurance with Claim still going through

So after the ordeal of a car accident my car was collected today.
Damage was checked out by the person from the repair place at my house and said 99% chance of write off look for a new car. (twisted)

I have the claim going through and a deposit placed on a replace car due to the write off.

I have declared it as a unsettled claim with written off car to get quotes.
Would I be able to change this as it’s likely to come back as no fault and a refund for any extra premium paid.
I need a car so getting a replacement thats my own car I need to get sorted.

When our car was written off they transferred the remaining period of the original policy over to the new vehicle we purchased. It is worth checking with your insurers before taking on any new policy.

Looked, going to be cheaper to change companies.

I need more miles too due to soon having a few extra comittments coming up.

All insurance companies will have different approaches to amending policy information when claims settle, but the likelihood is you won’t be due much (if any) of a refund.

Prices are based on risk factors and unfortunately, as unfair as it sounds, you can be seen as a higher insurance risk if you’ve been involved in a non-fault incident.

My advice is to be as honest as you can be, there’s a database that records any incidents that are shared by insurers - so honesty is the best policy.

If I were you, I’d go with the policy that you’d be willing to pay, assuming there is no refund - that way, you’re not going to be any worse off.

I hope this helps!

I’m gonna call them to ask questions and explain things and get some answers.

My insurance is high anyway due to being 18 and my price has not gone up compared to before. (got quotes when I looked at a similar car when I first passed my test)

Will declare as unsettled for now but I think it wont change the price anyway.
Thanks for the help.