Car Insurance Prices

Anyone elses premiums gone up even with no claims ??

My quote for next year is over £200 from last year, absolutely ridiculous. No claims, no speeding tickets etc
Couple of family members said the same, price increase with no real explanation… Also other forums people are reporting the same

Just as high when shopping around?

Mine isn’t due for renewal for a few months yet. I expect it’ll be “cost of living” or something.

Yep. Price comparison shows them all being at least £200 more for next years renewal.

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I’ve been putting extra aside in my car costs pot in anticipation of mine being something awful when I have to renew in a few months.


Last year I paid £220, recently renewed for £333, and was pretty surprised to find my renewal quote was cheaper than any other quote I shopped around for.


Yes, mine’s always been between £150 and £200 but was just under £300 this year. MSE have been warning about it for a few months now.

£200 I’d bite their arm off :stuck_out_tongue:

Was lucky to keep down to £500 last year but from what I hear from others they’re getting quotes double/triple that (although they highest probably live in London).

I’ve got a Jaguar F-pace. 7 years no claims. No points.

This year my insurance quotes went up over £600. And direct line refused to quote.

I was told it’s because of changing market conditions and because my particular car model was “hot” with being stolen a lot.

So yeah…


If my insurance went up by that much, I’d be trading in for a different car! Which would suck if I really liked the car, but I don’t think I could like any car enough to swallow a £600 increase.

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I had to renew last week. Mine went up by almost double this year, over £850 now. It was a sore one considering I have NCD, no points, etc😢. Tried to shop around but my renewal with my existing insurer was the cheapest.

£223 > £370 crazy

Can’t wait to see what my £900 insurance goes to. Kinda hoped I was over the £1000+ insurance bracket given my age and length of licence held. But for some reason the insurers don’t love me. And I don’t even drive expensive cars or have any points…

I love the car!

Pray for me. I had an Audi S3 that I had stolen from me last year for a grand total of about five hours before the police found it. This practically doubled my insurance this year to over £1500.

Sold the car before renewal. Sod that.


My Admiral renewal went up £200 with no changes.

Did the shop around and eventually got it flat by switching to Aviva Zero.

TBF, pretty much every other comp I did came out close to Admiral’s price.