Can't connect my Garmin Venu SQ smart watch to monzo

I’m trying to connect my new Garmin Venu SQ smart watch to my monzo account so I can pay for things using my smart watch but it pops up with an error message reading “This issuing bank is not yet participating in Garmin Pay, please check back later” - could we as customers please have this issue resolved quickly and be given a date to be able to connect our bank accounts to Garmin Pay please.
Thank you

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Garmin isn’t supported. It probably never will be.


Even if it was on their ‘to do list’ it’s highly unlikely you’ll be given a date.

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As a workaround, you could sign up for a free Curve card. Curve is supported by Garmin Pay. You can then add your Monzo card to Curve so that each Garmin Pay transaction is taken from your Monzo card.

Not ideal, but it works for me.


Also starling, revolut, wise and Santander support Garmin pay in the UK.