Can't Access ATM Fees Voting Topic

I’ve been able to access the 1st post in the topic now -

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I can only get to post #2…post #1 just can’t be viewed, can someone who can see that post repost it at the end of the thread so we can all read it?


For those wondering…


Hi I’m sorry I’m very confused, I can access the post and see the result but how do you actually vote?! There is no link to the actual poll or do you have to reply in the thread (surely not Monzo has better technology than this!) Thanks for your help!

Go to the very top of the thread if you can - Might not work for you right now because so many of us are trying to access this.

This should all be working now :slight_smile:


Thank you - I can get to the top of the thread, but there is no vote button - only the results of the poll with the option to hide the result (as shown in the screen shot by crablab). So how do we actually vote for an option?

Click Hide results and you get the option to change your vote

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Can’t get on the ATM discussion thread!

Are others having this problem, or is it just me?


yes I am also having this issue

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I’m still able to access every post in the thread so keep trying! :sweat_smile:

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A post was merged into an existing topic: ATM Fees Abroad: Asking the Monzo Community to decide pricing

Very confusing; there is no facility to cast a vote Monzo

@Garyc Can you not see this;

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There is no way to vote on this topic. Can only see the results of other votes cast but cannot participate myself!!

You need to go to the first post in the thread, use this link.

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Thanks. Believe I’ve done that and also via the link you provided.
Must be missing something but it’s not at all clear where the vote button is.

Just click the circle next to the option you want to vote for.

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You just have to pick (click) an option and it’s done :boom: