Cannot leave About Overdrafts screen

In the change limit workflow for overdrafts, there’s a screen confirming details of income etc. Following that, there’s an ‘about overdrafts’ section. Tapping close brings up a popup - with the options ‘Keep going’ and ‘Leave now’. Tapping ‘Leave now’ does nothing. Note this only happens following the income confirmation screen (as far as I’ve been able to tell). The only way to get back to the home screen is to quit out and relaunch the app.

Details to reproduce: Hard to reproduce consistently (see above)
OS: IOS latest
Device: iPhone
App Version: 5.11.0


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Sorry I misreported this - but luckily can now reproduce it. The screens are the other way round. The ‘about overdrafts’ section is first.

To reproduce the issue, click ‘Next’ on the About overdrafts section then tap to go back to the same section. It’s now not possible to go anywhere in the workflow - tapping ‘Next’ does nothing and tapping ‘Close’ brings up a Leave now popup with the same behaviour as above.

Just checked and this is still a problem in 5.14.0

This is fixed for me as of 5.15