[iOS] Overdraft application dead end! 😭

Just noticed this after being declined an overdraft on my account ( student life hits hard :joy: ). There doesn’t seem to be a way to accept the rejection and go back to the accounts screen without restarting the app!

Take a look at the screenshot. Maybe a bug or just a wee design overlook!

Looks like a bug. Could you provide some more details for the bug report:

  • OS version

  • Device

  • Monzo app version

Yeah sure, silly me for forgetting.

iPhone X
iOS 12.2
Monzo 2.41.0

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Same for me …
IPhone XS Max

Same for me as well
iPhone X iOS 12.2

Also the same for me.

iPhone 7
iOS 12.1.2
Monzo 2.41.0

Same here!

iPhone 8 Plus
iOS 12.3
Monzo 2.49