App crashes when viewing info on overdrafts and loans

I looked to see if I could have an overdraft yesterday afternoon … my app has been stuck on that page since then.
Is there a bug?

Hey @Ali2, can I ask what platform (Android or iOS), and what version you are on? Are you able to put a screenshot in here?

I’m on the newest update of iOS, came out last week 12.3.2
Can’t screenshot as got annoyed and deleted and reinstalled app.

Since you asked though I have just looked again have attached screenshot, as you can see there is no ‘back’ button, it’s a simple thing so am well surprised you guys ‘forgot’ to include it.

Oh well I’m off to delete then reinstall the app, again, for the second time today…

Alicia Taitt

I think @niamhpower was asking which version of the app you were on.

Could you not have simply killed and re-started the app? A delete and reinstall shouldn’t be necessary.

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Hi @Ali2 we’re aware of this bug, and it will be fixed in app version 2.54, which should be out in around a week.

For now, force closing the app from this screen should escape you from the flow