Can’t make a monzo account

I’ve tried my passport and my national identity card. The monzo service told me that my passport and ID card were expired, but my passport will be expired in 2025. I have took many photos of my id and passport, plus the video that monzo asked me to and now I can’t open a monzo account.

If Monzo have said no then that’s that. There’s nothing anyone here can do to change that or help you.

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Hey there!

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We’re just a community of customers so this isn’t something anyone here can help with I’m afraid. You’ll need to contact monzo.


Good luck!

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Open another online account! If they don’t want your customer, shimmy along!

Email explaining the issue and hopefully they will get back to you. No-one here on the community can help you as we are members of the public like you.

But be prepared, Monzo may come back and say that the reason given was wrong, but they still can’t open an account for you.

Best of luck.

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