Can I change one of the owners on a Monzo joint account without closing it?

I need to change the owner of my Monzo joint account from a former housemate to a new one. Is there a way to do this without closing the joint account altogether?

I would be careful about this in general. Setting up a joint account can create a financial association on your credit file linking their credit-worthiness to yours. Have a read of this:


I suspect that this isn’t possible. What would happen if an unexpected payment was taken for something that was done before the change by the person who left?

As @RichardL said, it’s not a good idea to use a joint account for this sort of arrangement, but if you need to do it this way, I think you’ll need to close the account and reapply. Good Luck.


I like how the link at the end of that article just takes you back the top of the page.


You’d need to close the joint account you have and then be sure the new tenant has monzo, and create a new one there.

Creating a joint account, and financial connection, with a tenant is new to me.

In an old house of ours, I just created an email address and password and shared this amongst housemates so if they were in any doubts they could just view the bills etc. And all was in my name and paid from my account and they just sent me their share each month.

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I’m actually surprised (and maybe they do, I don’t have a joint account so don’t know) that Monzo doesn’t prevent someone from doing this.

A very dangerous road to start down (in my opinion)

EDIT: I’m not saying they shouldn’t or it should be policed. I was surprised that they don’t but I guess there’s no reason for them to do, either.

“Nanny-state Monzo won’t let me deal with my finances as I want.”

Also, how would you police it? How would you determine the appropriateness of a couple’s relationship? How do you avoid forcibly outing people who are not in open relationships?


Let alone how they would do this, why would they do this? So long as you are aware of the implications, why shouldn’t you be allowed to have a joint account with whomever you want?


I dont really know how joint accounts work tbh, was just surprised you could get a joint account with a housemate. I always saw them as more a thing a couple might do.

As to how it should be policed etc, I dont really have any opinion on that, people should be free to do what ever they want with whoever which includes joint accounts.

Impossible to do. What’s the difference between me and a partner and me and a housemate?

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Yes, I think prevent was perhaps the wrong word here.

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It’s not a good idea and I wouldn’t do it, but lots do.

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When you try to open an JA, you have to click through these screens. Whether the user chooses to read these is up to them.