CabFair building ethical rides

I’ve just crowdfunded a project aiming to build an app based cab service that will be fair to both passengers and drivers.


no more exorbitant fees for drivers (Uber currently takes between 20% and 25% of fares); an app that keeps ride costs low and driver wages high by redistributing profits into the wallets of drivers and riders

Best of luck to them but I see absolutely no mention of who’s gonna pay for developing and maintaining the mobile apps, backend, etc… those things don’t come cheap - once you know the costs of those you’d realize Uber’s cut isn’t that “exorbitant”.

(Herp Derp) #3

There are loads of these apps now, even my local has an app.

I think a lot of them run off Cordic


Yes there are. I could have been clearer in my post. It’s not so much the (yet another) app that attracts me, it’s the business ownership model.