Buying a car off the web

So after an unfortunate incident I found myself needing to replace my car (well, since the other one was written off by some else’s recklessness) and since car’s are harder to get than Hen’s teeth I went on Cinch and bought myself a “new to me” one.

Just curious to see if anyone else has done this before. Must say, it felt strange putting a car into my shopping basket and clicking checkout.

EDIT: Switched new to new to me, to make it clear it’s not a brand new vehicle :slight_smile:

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They’re advertised everywhere, and seem similar to Cazoo. If the car isn’t brand new I’d be a bit wary of what checks they’ve done but I’m sure it’s safer than buying from your friendly neighbourhood driveway dealer.

If you were after a new car, I would’ve called round nearby dealerships as they might’ve had something knocking about. I got a new car within a month when lead times were 1+ year


Normally this is what I do, but there is absolutely nothing around me (well, based on the criteria) so I went online.

Apparently, you can refuse on delivery and have 14 days in which to change your mind and send it back FOC. So, we’ll see.

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Do you take it to the Post Office and have them scan a barcode on your phone to print the label to attach to it?


Returns won’t be a problem once we all have self driving cars.

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Ha can you imagine :joy:

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Do you get a warranty from cinch?

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Copying your question into Google revealed this:

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Thanks Paul, was being lazy there. My only advise whether buying online or in person is get as much done under the warranty as possible, that’s what I have done in past. Maybe even more so the older the car is, my Audi was 7 years old when I bought it, got door lock replaced under warranty, had to replace another 6 months later at my own expense, paying for one was bad enough, at least warranty covered one.,


Yes, you get a three month one which for me is ok, cars these days tend to be decent enough.

I do take comfort in the whole return within two weeks thing but I’m not expecting it to be needed, the reviews are pretty decent about them.

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Well, it arrived.

Interestingly it was as described and the dude who dropped it off was really great showing me around and checking I was ok to accept.

It came with a chip on the windscreen that hadn’t previously been mentioned, but they told me about on drop off.

Good thing to test our their word so I rang them and I could either return it no cost or they would resolve it for me. So that’s what I’ve done and I imagine it’ll get fixed soon enough.

Would use again


Last November I also needed a car unexpectedly went to Cazoo and ordered a car no real problems and got a great deal and car. Paid with my Amex Cashback card as well! Very happy with car and service from Cazoo.


This seems to be the most relevant thread. Am I stupid that one year into my current PCP deal, I’m looking to switch over to a different car? I’m kn positive equity (just), so with a bit of manoeuvring I’d be able to get a similar monthly payment to my current one.

The catch is: I’d be going from brand new to 4-5 years old (still low mileage, perhaps even lower than my current one). I’d be upsizing though which has been my bugbear since my previous car went kaput on me. And I’d be looking to buy from one of the online retailers.

Is it a really stupid thing to go from brand new, no previous keeper car to one I’ve not even seen other than photos? How would part exchanging work? What if there’s a fault with the car not disclosed on the website (cinch)?

Don’t think I’d ever buy a car online unless it was brand new from the manufacturer and I was able to configure it.

Second hand car - absolutely not. You couldn’t discount the car enough for me to buy it online. The car could look absolutely fine visually, but the proof is in the pudding when you drive it, listening to all the noises and also looking under the bonnet.

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I’m not a mechanic so I have no idea what’s what, under the bonnet is a jumble of things, and noises-wise I’d have no real clue what’s wrong. I think places like Cazoo and Cinch are trying to alleviate these concerns – nobody’s buying a car online from Neighbourhood Steve.

Just my last car completely shat the bed. Bought from a used car salesperson, visually looked good and drove fine and a year later turns out it had an oil leak so severe it was beyond economical to repair. Wouldn’t have found out unless the bottom plate was taken off by lifting the car completely.

I can guarantee that plenty of people are buying cars off Facebook Marketplace Steve. And are frequently disappointed.


I’d be pretty wary about buying a car online as well. I suppose it’s a bit discriminatory, but even if you don’t know much about cars, at lest you get a feel for the sort of person you’re buying off when you buy second hand.

No, I’ve done this and it’s fine. The settlement figure can be low

My last car was from Cinch. The car came exactly as described. In fact it did get a chip on the screen which they pointed out straight away on delivery and paid to get it fixed.


Good to know! Based on figures I seem to have £1-1.5k positive equity at the moment which is better than expected.

Looking at Dusters at the moment as I miss my previous SUV for those off the grid holidays but when the engine packed in I had to go for what the dealership had in stock. It’s a crap little hatchback, my dealership are unresponsive and I can’t find basic parts online so my mind’s wandering…

I see Cinch is also offering an extended warranty, servicing and breakdown cover plan which doesn’t seem too out of this world expensive. I’m talking myself into it… :smiling_face_with_tear: