Buy internet for 2 weeks?

Hi all;

Is there anyway I can purchase internet off a dongle or something for two weeks? Pay as you would go would be great - I can’t install a router.


I have a PAYGO WiFi router from EE. You can buy as much data as you want, but you have to buy the router as well

Yea, I can’t fit a router. Would need something like a USB 4G dongle.

Something like this?

That’s it, but a bit pricy. Guess I’ll have to go two weeks without :slight_smile:

Would using your phone as a hotspot be an option? Or even if you had an old phone you could load up with data and leave running as a hotspot 24/7 that could work pretty well.

Issue is I only have around 13 GB of data. Would probably need more tbh - let me check how much data I usually use.

Edit: should be okay - as long as I don’t stream. Thanks!

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It was the first one I saw. Have a look on eBay, I’m sure you’ll find cheaper alternatives.

Yeah you’ll need to be careful with your usage.
Worst case scenario Three offer one month rolling SIM only contracts. It’s £26 for unlimited data which if you have a spare phone isn’t too unreasonable for just one month.

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The problem with USB PAYG dongles is that it will probably be similar amount of data as your hotspot for a overall worse price (cost of dongle plus repeated top-ups of credit).

@nbgoodall something Zevvle could help with or too short a period?

Phone up and ask how much for a one off data add-on to your plan, but ensure it doesn’t recur even if the agent says it won’t.

It would be significantly easier to take a contract with unlimited data then just cancel it within the 14 day returns period. Maybe it’s not morally as great but it’s not a problem.

Why not just tether your phone? That’s what I always do when waiting for internet to be installed. Or buy a cheap £15 Android.

What Android phones do you know about for £15,

I make Android phones into trackers so I’m always interested in buying cheap ones.

Tons on ebay or cheap ones of Aliexpress, etc.

I’ve seen those , only 3g and I’ve seen malware on them plus harder to root usually as no guides.

But btw O2 refurbished PAYG phones sometimes have really good offers on like new phones for £10-20