Business Banking - Change Orders

I own a small family run business and currently bank with Lloyds Bank. I can’t wait to get a business account with Monzo, but one thing I am wondering is how would I go about getting change for my tills? I can currently get this from my local branch at Lloyds but with Monzo not having a branch and no agreement with the Post Office, this could cause problems for some businesses.


I run a public house and are forever chasing change. I use the post office. As they are better than what my old bank was (santander) anyhow. So used them for years. He charges 1% per £100 changed. I do about a grand a month, and have a couple for friut machines and jukebox I take 50% from, which is all change too.

Change is a pain. Lol. Well money in general is. But thd PO is a good place. Especally if you get to know the postmaster.

So you are using them direct for their counter services with no link to a bank?

I don’t know what you mean by no link to a bank. Its thd post office. I go in and change notes for change. Sometime if I have no cash on hand I’ll use my bank card to “pay” for the amount of change I want.

But tbh I don’t know what you mean.

All guess work but here goes…

You can’t use your Monzo card at the Post Office, so I guess what he was asking was that did you have to verify yourself with a bank account of some sort in order to use this service. Or can you literally just walk in with a wad of cash and say “change this”.

I just use a ‘wad’ of cash and change thst way mostly. I get it for free, but the usual post office charge is 1.5 percent if I recall. As change costs the post office quite a bit to ship around.

Im yet to use my monzo card in The post office for monzo use. Only used it for paying for stuff. Not yet inputted cash into monzo via the post office as its charges to much and limit is to low.

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