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Currently in Bulgaria and card is rejected in restaurants. The £200 limit on cash withdrawals is going to cause a problem


Do you know if it’s a general card acceptance thing or a Monzo thing?

It probably won’t help now, but Starling do unlimited overseas withdrawals without fees.

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have a word with in app chat they might be able to up the limit a bit, though not sure if this statement is relevant to ATM fees :slight_smile:

maybe to do with mag strip enabling ??? try turning it on in the app ???

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There’s no limit, there’s just a small fee after the £200.

(Well, to be precise there is a limit, but it’s significantly higher than that!)


There was one issue with a major EF-POS provider. They updated their software/firmware to resolve the issue, but if merchants have not downloaded or installed the update they will still be having issues.

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I frequent Bulgaria about 5/6 times a year. I knew that Kaufland has issues accepting both Starling and Monzo. With Starling always declining and Monzo depending on the store. Cash withdrawals work all the time. I tend to use the Monzo card a lot more abroad anyway.

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