BUG : Logging off asks for login details, let me log in without finger print

Hi There,

Im not sure if anybody has raised this issue but here you are

iphone SE, iOS: 9.3.2

Most of the times it happens when I change from WIFI to 3G… not everytime, but most of the times


  1. try to start the app
  2. it goes to the registration page
  3. you click on already have an account
  4. it sends an email, click on the bring me to the email client
  5. click on the link in the email
  6. it opens the app without asking for finger print even the touch id requirement is turned on
  7. try to change to another app and back to the Mondo app
  8. It still lets you get in without finger print…
  9. go to the settings page, you can see that the touch id is turned on
  10. change to another app and back, and TADA it asks for the Touch ID

Thanks! It’s expected that it would be turned off when you log out but we shouldn’t display it as still turned on :slight_smile: We’ll get that fixed

@tristan : the main problem that I havent logged off at all… it logged off by itself… and it did it a couple of times recently. And if somebody has my phone and the app signs off and they can get access to my Mondo acc, that is not expected behaviour :slight_smile:

Yeah, totally agreed! We’re trying to track down the log out bug now :slight_smile:

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