(Peter McWilliams) #1

A cool feature could be the use of budgets. Like setting a limit to how much you spend per day/week/month or even by category.

Budgeting tool suggestion
(Charlie) #2

I’m not sure about forcing a limit on spending as I imagine a few scenarios where this could be a bit awkward, e.g. having no service in a restaurant but needing to pay the bill. :flushed:

I think it would be cool to get some kind of custom notifications for this type of thing:

“You’ve spent £53 of your £60 budget on :fork_and_knife: so far this month.”

Any thoughts?

(Richard Cunniffe) #3

I agree I would like some budgeting and Bill splitting functionality

(Tristan Thomas) #4

We’re working on some budgeting features right now! Keep an eye our for a sneak peek from @hugo and @zander over the coming weeks :slight_smile: