Budgeting Features

(Jon) #1

Hello, what budgeting features are on the way, and what features would you like to see? Hopefully the devs will start to implement the suggestions that get the most love.


ability to set up virtual accounts and any money transfered into them ringfenced from expenditure and a piechart showing progress towards a holiday or something

(Jon) #3

I too would find it very helpful if I could have a visual representation of saving towards big financial goals.

(Mr Jan Prejbisz) #4

That’s great!

Do you plan to allow logic in your app?

Many people now have more than one revenue stream or portfolio careers - it would be great to be able to make rules in your bank account.

for example: if monthly gross pay > X, pay (X/100)*Y into account (or payee or wherever)

that’s just one example but I’m sure you can see how useful it would be.


(Mr Jan Prejbisz) #5

I see this question has already been asked more than once, in different ways. I’ll keep lurking.