Budgeting app for couples

Can anyone recommend a good UK budgeting app that works for couples? All our accounts are joint. We’d like to be able to each have the app on our phone, showing the same view of where we are against our joint budget each month, broken down by spending category. One of the apps I tried before wouldn’t allow us to sync accounts so I would always just update my partner when we are approaching our budget limit.

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The Monzo joint account does exactly this.


Shared tabs or joint account with Monzo :sunglasses:

Excel works wonders for me.

MoneyDashboard should work, unless I’m missing something

A joint account

Revolut Group Bills - you can do it in another currency for a holiday & have a domestic one for home. Works great for joint spending. Calculator tool is great when adding an expense that isn’t split 50/50.

For Direct Debits a joint account is probably better. You can add money to a group vault and take it out prior to a DD leaving with Rev - but a bit of a workaround.

Oh yes. I thought they’d want a budgeting app on top of a joint account - never occurred to me that you’d want to do joint budgeting without a joint account :joy:

Oh sorry that wasn’t a reply to you haha but it does fit with what you said :rofl:

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