Budget not reflecting credit transaction

I have a ‘Transport’ budget set up for the month of £150.
I spent £53 on petrol this month, however it was for business purposes and I submitted an expenses claim for ~£64 for the mileage covered.
My expenses have now been paid, and I tagged the credit transaction as ‘Transport’ in my feed.
However, my summary still says I have £97 left of £150 for ‘Transport’.
For my groceries, credits (i.e. refunds from online shopping) do get associated with the budget summary and increase the amount available, so I would have expected this to happen for the Transport budget too. I wonder if it’s because the credit would have put me over the budget amount? so i’d have had £161 of £150 left?
(This is on a Joint Account - if that matters)
Details to reproduce:
iOS 12.1.2
iPhoneX R
App Version:
2.33.0 #503

I presume your expenses are paid by either Faster Payments or BACS - from my understanding credits of this type won’t count against your budgets at the moment, whereas card refunds will.

Definitely something I’d like to see changed though.

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Transfers/account credits have always been like this so I’d disagree it’s a bug and functioning as Monzo intended.

It’s been raised quite a number of times now but probably won’t see it changed until budget is rebuilt :confused:

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It’s been a problem since the budgets were introduced 9 months ago. I wish they’d spend some time finishing existing functionality like this before starting new things :neutral_face: Sometimes it feels they’re a bit Google-esque in not quite finishing something before moving on to the next more interesting thing.

One day this’ll be addressed hopefully :+1:


If I had one sentence I’d like Monzo to hear loud and clear it would be this.


Correct - it was a faster payments transfer.

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