(Russell Macdonald) #82

Oh that’s a good feature.
In my first month of switching to the current account I didn’t have my salary going into the account directly and was transferring money from my First Direct Account.
I missed a DD which got returned and once that has happened there’s nothing you can do about it - even if you pay money into your account straight away.

So - along the idea of “pots” - it would be great if the app could help you budget your available balance based on DDs and regular payments it knows about from your spending history.

I could do this manually by setting up a “bills” pot and transferring money in at the start of the month - but then I’d still have to remember to transfer the money back out of the pot the day before each DD was due.

An alternative idea would be to nominate a pot that your DDs come out from. Or better still, being able to nominate a pot for each DD.

I guess this might also link in with future budgeting features too?

(Bruce Davies) #83

Now there is an idea that delivers a real benefit to customers - potentially saving them ‘000s in Not foreseeing an unwanted renewal.

(Tom ) #84

Hey @Mh91 - moved your post here as it sounds very similar to a planned feature called ‘Breakdown’ - see the sneak peak at the very beginning of this thread which shows predicted payments.

(fabianviktor_flatz) #85

Is there any news on the release date of these features? They were first sneak-peaked in May last year, which is quite a while ago. Personally, I feel that’s quite a low release speed and it does feel a bit frustrating.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that the budgeting got worse since migrating to the current account? When using the prepaid card I would simply upload my spending money to my monzo card and I would see how much money I have left. Now, I have to deduct and set aside the money I want to save + the money for bills (direct debits). Would be better if there was an option to set aside this money with a click, maybe put in a pot.

(Hugo) #86

6-12 months

(Richard Cook) #87

Some updates on how this is going to look/work here.

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #89

I want one for Peanut Butter then.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #90

Crunchy and smooth or one for each?

These things matter :grinning:

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Skippy Smooth.

Don’t ever try and convince me otherwise

(Graham - Mental health professional) #92

Seems like you’ve thought it through :grinning:


Oh no! It has to be crunchy every time :wink:

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I lean towards crunchy, but not too coarse. It still needs to be spreadable.

But I like smooth too. On warm toast.

Occasionally with jam, of course.

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I want one for cashew nut butter :see_no_evil:


or sub categories for walnut butter, cashew butter, macadamia nut butter…

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You’re all disgusting perverts and I bid you good day.


we didn’t say we smear it all over our bodies! Personally I just eat it.

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Don’t recall anyone mentioning smearing, Richard…oh yes, of course…you did.:grinning:

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Sorry @Christophorus, don’t know what I was thinking :flushed:.

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High praise indeed!

I bid you good night :sleeping::sleeping: