(Tom ) #70

Hey @simon_tomes - I’ve moved your post here as it seems like Breakdown may help in your case.

As you can see by the ‘sneak peaks’ in the opening post, there is something called ‘Committed Spends’ - which in my understanding will include expected Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

(Simon Tomes) #71

Thanks for moving my post and pointing me in the right direction, @tomsr.

It looks like “Breakdown” and “Commited spends” might just do the job. Happy days! :grinning:

(Simon Porter) #72

Is this due to arrive in the app soon? In my excitement to move everything across to Monzo I closed my account. Things are falling apart for me without some decent budgeting tools.

(Calum James) #73

I would love this as a complication on my Apple Watch!

(Hugo) #74

Anyone notice the background image on this page?

Seems they’ve chosen which route they’re going with. Looking forward to it

(Colin Robinson) #75

Ooh, like it! :heart_eyes:

(Justin Seals) #76

Hi there, I’ve recently got the current account and moved everything across and the first month where my salary goes in and my bills go out (mortgage etc) I realised that all my spending targets are now pointless for the remainder of the month as I’ll be in amber for the whole month as I’m super ahead having spent 1/3rd of my months stuff in bills in the first 2 days.

I think anything in bills should be ignored from gernal target, so that it’s not amber for the rest of the month.

(MikeF) #77

Your post has been moved here because I think this is the functionality that will answer your request.

(Ed Stubbs) #78

Would be good for this to be prioritised at the start of Q1 2018. I’ve seen the blog about the 2017 to-do-list so not on the 2017 agenda, however now that my bills/direct debits are coming out of my current account, we need the committed spends section to mean I can start to use the budgeting again properly

(Calum James) #79

I see that some of my recent posts on other topics could probably be answered by “This will be coming with the Breakdown feature” :grinning:

As @ejs said, this really does need to be prioritised because of how income and direct debits are handled.

I wonder if this is why we don’t have the new categories like Personal Care yet as well :thinking: I was hoping they would be released ASAP as a separate feature because it really is going to be annoying going back and recategorising a lot of transactions for the whole year whenever the new categories come, just so we can see an accurate view of our spending for 2018.

(Matt) #80

It seems to be the policy of many, if not most organisations now to offer a free trial, which will automatically renew on expiry. It would be great if the Monzo app could be set to let you know a day or two in advance before a direct debit is due to be taken.

It would also help with longer term bills. My phone contract for example tends to fluctuate the amount (last month it came out as double the usual by mistake) it would be great if the app could let you know before the money leaves so you can deal with the problem early rather than having to chase, in this case Vodafone, to return your money - a process which often takes days or weeks.


I got a notification this morning telling me a Direct Debit is due tomorrow as my balance was lower than the amount available :slight_smile:

(Russell Macdonald) #82

Oh that’s a good feature.
In my first month of switching to the current account I didn’t have my salary going into the account directly and was transferring money from my First Direct Account.
I missed a DD which got returned and once that has happened there’s nothing you can do about it - even if you pay money into your account straight away.

So - along the idea of “pots” - it would be great if the app could help you budget your available balance based on DDs and regular payments it knows about from your spending history.

I could do this manually by setting up a “bills” pot and transferring money in at the start of the month - but then I’d still have to remember to transfer the money back out of the pot the day before each DD was due.

An alternative idea would be to nominate a pot that your DDs come out from. Or better still, being able to nominate a pot for each DD.

I guess this might also link in with future budgeting features too?

(Bruce Davies) #83

Now there is an idea that delivers a real benefit to customers - potentially saving them ‘000s in Not foreseeing an unwanted renewal.

(Tom ) #84

Hey @Mh91 - moved your post here as it sounds very similar to a planned feature called ‘Breakdown’ - see the sneak peak at the very beginning of this thread which shows predicted payments.

(fabianviktor_flatz) #85

Is there any news on the release date of these features? They were first sneak-peaked in May last year, which is quite a while ago. Personally, I feel that’s quite a low release speed and it does feel a bit frustrating.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that the budgeting got worse since migrating to the current account? When using the prepaid card I would simply upload my spending money to my monzo card and I would see how much money I have left. Now, I have to deduct and set aside the money I want to save + the money for bills (direct debits). Would be better if there was an option to set aside this money with a click, maybe put in a pot.

(Hugo) #86

6-12 months

(Richard Cook) #87

Some updates on how this is going to look/work here.

(Rob Pears) #88

Can you add one for “alcohol”?

(🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️) #89

I want one for Peanut Butter then.