Brazilian in love with Monzo

Hey Guys!

My name is Rafael and I work for a Brazilian Bank and I’m expending some months in NY to research for innovation and new business models, but I’m in love with the way Monzo Works and seems to really care about the clients.
We do have Digital banks in Brazil and it’s also free to keep the account open but I haven’t seem something like Monzo anywhere.
So first congrats! It’s been a long time since the last time I’ve used a community fórum, but I wanted to congratulate the bank for being so different.
Second, its sad that Ive cant open an account since Im not a UK resident. Please come to NY (or even Brazil) as soon as possible.


This is great to hear as someone who also loves Monzo and has an interest in fintech around the world.

How do they stack up against Brazilian neo banks like NuBank?

From the little that I’ve read, NuBank seems to be growing much faster than Monzo and taking Brazil by storm, so what makes you prefer Monzo over them?

Is their success more down to Brazil having so little financial inclusion that an inclusive product can have such a huge appeal, whereas Monzo’s slower growth is due to only selling in the U.K. where almost everyone already has a bank account? Or is there something else behind the growth in Brazil?

If you read around you will discover that a version of Monzo could be available in New York as early as this year! :rocket:


Hi Rarther! Thanks for the reply!

That’s a very interesting question.
I have a Nubank account and it’s still more a Credit card app than a bank account actually.
Nubank is becoming big and it’s loved by the users because it’s a free CC, which in Brazil is something kinda new, since the Credit Cards used to charge huge monthly fees, with the exception for who had lots of money invested in the bank. So Nubank is doing something unusual, but its still not a full bank account like you need to have in others banks, Like Banco Original (a full-service Digital Brazilian Bank), Banco Next or even traditional banks like Bradesco and Itau.
But Monzo is a full bank and has a different way of doing things and treat its clients: All international fees cleared, a whole disruptive way to communicate with the clients and even the incentive for crazy ideas that no other bank would try out was one of the things that made me fell in love with Monzo.
I`m expecting that I can have my own account soon in NYC!