Blank Checks 🦅

So could that be a deal-breaker for potential US customers?

Definitely not

And mobile deposits.
Can’t see monzo surving withought checks and mobile deposits.
Ally has it so does chime

maybe the US will get on board with convenient banking - Faster Payments

They already have. It’s called RTP, and most large banks use it. I can transfer from my HSBC to Chase instantly via RTP (ACH)

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currently, that is in fact my biggest (and likely only) deal breaker with monzo

Which is kind of the problem- it’s not exactly universal. For example, while you may be able to send from HSBC to Chase instantly, the same is not the case when I send from Discover to US Bank (unless I use Zelle), my local credit union, Aspiration, SoFi, etc. There’s at least one business day gap, sometimes two.

Yeah, of course it’s a problem on initial rollout. RTP will be widely available when the fed and clearing house get their crap together. In my opinion there are still some security and regulatory issues that need to be sorted before it is rolled out to every bank.

Sure, then it’s threads like this which’ll be valuable to them as they plan their US product. I posed the question, as the idea of incorporating cheque books into the original UK product would have, likely, been unthinkable.

Very different story in the States, it’s clear. It’ll be interesting to see how cheques in and out are accommodated for you in the Monzo rollout…