Birmingham to be first 5G city

Awwww yes!!!


This is great, but i’d rather they spent the time actually rolling reliable and fast 3/4g to the entire country. So many areas still have really shitty mobile data speeds :frowning:


No one gets their palms greased for doing that though

What’s the point? Carriers proved they couldn’t even get LTE right, let alone 5G. :joy:


Looking forward to seeing how 5G effects things. I think we are going to see a lot more routers with a SIM card rather than a plug for a phone line.


we are going to see a lot more routers with a SIM card rather than a plug for a phone line

And data caps, lack of IPv6, and transparent proxies slaughtering & filtering all unencrypted traffic, because obviously consumers demanded all that right? :joy:

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I thought that is part of the 5G spec though?

Why do you think that?

Well it supports dual-stack, but doesn’t mean it’s gonna be actually available to the end user. Just like IMS (VoLTE) exclusively uses IPv6 doesn’t mean the carrier is giving me an IPv6 on the public internet APN (despite the equipment being capable of it, because it clearly works for the ims and sos APNs), because reasons, so I suspect it’s gonna be the same story here. I could even see them using IPv6 between the modem and their LNS just to tunnel shitty NAT-ted IPv4 in it. :roll_eyes:

Why do you think that?

Because we’re talking about mobile carriers (aka laziness, legacy mindset, lack of innovation and desire to rip the customer off in every way possible) and I have yet to be proven wrong about their behaviour over almost a decade now? :joy:

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As much as I’m all for progressing technology and pushing the boundaries, I can’t help but feel more focus should be spent on getting the existing 4G network up to scratch as there are still many places that even struggle to get 3G never mind 4G!

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Fyi - this is pretty funny and kinda on topic (I know it is back from February, but still)

The Australian government has fingered the next threat in the country’s cryptography vs. policing debate: the IPv6 protocol

Surely this must be satire, right? :joy:

I thought UK was bad in terms of internet but seems like the Ozzies are like “here, hold my beer!”. Sad.

Also turns out they didn’t know WiFi assist has existed for a long time… :crazy_face:

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They don’t seem to know about HTTPS either, and instead are concerned that IPSec (which is a horrible pain to configure) would bring “easy to use” encryption to the masses.