5G arrives in the UK!

980Mbps on a moving train? Damn.

It’s in Birmingham too. And I have a contract upgrade coming up :thinking:


On the BBC news, they used 5G to do a report from Covent Garden live to the studio. Needless to say, the video broke up completely. :joy:


…and ran out of data :eyes:


As much as I love the idea of 900+ MB/s… I don’t think it’ll change my life. 4G streams perfectly for me as it is.

In reality for now this will be the most expensive handsets and the price plans will be excessive to cover costs.

EE are probably the best in terms of innovation but I’m sick of their customer service. I’m out as soon as my contract ends. Much prefer O2’s way of splitting the phone and the data plans.

Also: I’ve been paying EE £115 a month for nearly two years but I’m refused a second line because I’m not paying by DD. Never missed a payment.

Nah man. I’m ouuuuut.


@coffeemadman have you looked at Three, they have some amazing ‘unlimited’ deals on at the moment, just a thought


Not surprising, have you seen the pricing? It’s just like when EE first announced 4G, you can eat through your data cap in a few minutes!

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I didn’t mind Three when I was there but honestly data isn’t the big issue.

I like how O2 let you just pay off more of your phone each month and then I can theoretically come out of contract earlier. Once the phone is paid off the data plan is separate.

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To be fair, EE are only charging an extra £5/month for their plans compared to 4G. I don’t think that’s too bad given how early on we are. It’s more to do with how quick you’re going to chew through that data due to bandwidth.

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Why would you need such a fast connection ? 4G is more than fast enough and capable of streaming etc…


It’s not just about speed, it’s about the lower latency and also how capacity is managed more effectively. It wasn’t so long ago people were saying ‘why do you need 4G’.


True. But that was fairly early before 4K and ultra HD streaming, which definitely needs 4G at least.

In reality, most people won’t need anywhere close to 5G speeds.

I can’t think of much that requires more than this. And I’m on just a random street in London. Not central.

I still am. 3G speeds are fine for my use (just as well as I’m on Smarty, which uses Three network). I notice the faster speed on 4G when roaming, but I find 3G fine for streaming audio.


It would actually be 900 Mbps, so you’re looking at 112 MB/s (if my dodgy maths is correct). Agree though, still an insane connection :joy:

Ugh I never get those the right way around.

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Rural people like myself rely on 4G for our home broadband since fibre isn’t available and ADSL is ~4mbps for me.

5G will be a game changer in this household and I’m really looking forward to it :tada:


I’m not saying there aren’t uses for 5G tech, because there are. But your issue is something that needs to be sorted from government level (mandating fibre installations etc).

In reality most people on EE 5G will be people using mobile phones on their commute in a major city that has adequate 4G networks and plenty of fast WiFi, and paying extra for it due to the advertising it as something that they need.

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We’ve only had one person in our store really interested in 5G so far, but I expect that’ll pick up :man_shrugging:

Definitely a good use case for 5G, just really hoping we get TBs as caps (or unlimited) for our 5G Home plans


I highly doubt that it will be sorted because it won’t be financially viable for any firm to lay the cable for me and my 1 neighbour :cry:

Coming from a 400mbps household last year it is painful but it just requires a behavioural change. EG leaving a series to download overnight instead of watching them instantly.

The only thing now is ping when I game online but that should hopefully be resolved too with 5G :crossed_fingers:


I’d be fine with paying £54 unlimited or even just a TB.

10GB monthly is so stingy, just over a minute and half worth at 125MB/s.

Imagine the finance meeting.
:raised_hands: Right we want the customer to pay £5.40 for every eight seconds. That sounds like a good profit. :money_mouth_face:

Over to you marketing team…
spits out :coffee: :astonished: really?

Not surprised the BBC broadcast failed today running out of data. :neutral_face: