Bills and Finance Categories

How do the rest of you Monzonaughts differentiate between the Bills and Finance category?

I’ve just paid an additional £200 off a credit card and would class that as Finance but Monzo automatically generated it as a Bills.

They are very similar to my mind. What do others think?

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To clarify you’re only a Monzonaught if you work for Monzo :wink:

I class finance as anything that’s staying internal to myself so if I’m making a transfer to one of my accounts external to Monzo. Money management so to speak, that money is still in my possession.

If I’m paying any credit card I class it as a bill as you get sent a statement with a total value you owe to that provider.

I think Monzo explain it here:

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So what are we, the devoted followers and the people who make up the community are known as?

Monzi’s? The followers of Monz? Monzollowers?


Your guess is as good as mine :slight_smile:

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Hot Coralistas?


This. I use the finance category for money I’ve sent to savings. I use bills for credit cards and phone contract payments etc.


Bills is most direct debits and bill payments, finances I usually use for transfers in/out to other accounts I have

I am the same


I use the Finance category for credit card payments, house savings and transfers to other accounts. The Bills categories I use for ‘utilities’ like my phone bill and G Suite subscription.

I currently break down the Monzo categories more granularly in a separate ‘manual entry’ app, so for example:

Bills: TV & Internet
Bills: Gas & Electric
Bills: Water

I am the same - I use the finances category for credit card payments (paying off existing credit card debt). Also for transfers to any external savings accounts.
If I make a purchase on my credit card then pay it off immediately, then I just categorise it as whatever the purchase was, so most likely “shopping”!

I use bills for utilities/insurance/rent etc.

I currently have things like Netflix as “entertainment” although in two minds as to whether I should just lump this in the bill category.

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