Transferring Between Own Accounts

Hey all!

Today I was paid into my Monzo CA for the first time, which felt so good!

But, at the moment, I’ll be managing my budget by transferring some money between my Firstdirect account and Monzo - before a feature like Pots becomes available.

Transferring to another CA of my own shows as spending in the spending tab, making it appear that I’m spending a lot of money this month…

How are people working around this? I’m just categorising it as ‘General’ for now, but would be great to one day have a category that doesn’t affect the total spend for the month.


I’m doing a similar thing with my bills - basically my fiancee and I go 50/50 but I pay some and she pays the others and we sort the difference at the end of the month. What I do is I use the expenses category to hold these bills so I know that these are the ones that I owe jointly (though it still appears in my spend obviously).

Maybe stick an Idea post into the ideas section? I know lots of people have suggested custom pots but maybe the ability to select whether or not these custom pots affect the spending tab. Could be useful for a few different scenarios.


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There’s a solution for this, coming :soon:


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