"Bill Splitting" & Add Receipt feature

Hi guys,

Bill Splitting is awesome however I believe that the ability to share the receipt will be even better!

so far I have tried:

  1. Add a receipt and chose the picture
  2. bill splitting with my flatmates

however the receipt will not appear on the Smart-Phone of my flatmates

sharing the receipt will be cool in case you share the groceries with some-else, so your partner/flatmates can see what you bought and act consequently (like buy different food or whatever you missed)

it doesn’t seem pretty time consuming or expensive to implement


Great idea! I’ve always had to hold on to the receipt to show costs to friends.

Perhaps it would be even better to take a picture of the till screen (on self-checkouts at least) so that you can go paperless!

Being able to share this with friends without explicitly sending the photo through messenger would be great!

Just an FYI if you have a joint account, the images do copy over to the other persons account page. Would imagine seeing as the mechanics are already there, that the upcoming Shared Tabs option could have that…

This sounds like a good alternative to the idea I mentioned that you should be able to include a note with your bill split so that the recipient knows what they are paying for!