Add to Shared tab / Split bill without specifying amount

When adding an item to a shared tab or splitting a bill, the user making the request should have the options (perhaps an on/off toggle) that allows the recipient to choose the amount they contribute.

Use case example: 6 people go out to dinner, to save the card machine song and dance, one person pays and splits the bill using Monzo. If they’re the type of crowd that don’t want to split the bill evenly and just want to pay for what they ordered (no judgment!), right now the original person who paid would have to add in all of the amounts for all 6 people. With this feature, they would be able to choose to split the bill and toggle on ‘recipient chooses amount’. When a recipient receives the request, they accept and choose the amount they want to contribute.

I could also be useful if, when splitting the bill and adding a receipt, others with whom the bill is split see the receipt (currently they do not).

Not really to do with your suggestion but never ever in a month of sundays is the latter easier than the former.


Why don’t you just text all of them your bank details and they pay you what they want that way?

What happens when all 6 people have paid you back and you find you’re still falling short of the amount you expected to receive? Because there’s always some who doesn’t believe in tipping/forgot they ordered that extra beer/no, X ordered that dish and let me try it (both parties say this)…

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