Best iPad for video consumption?

Looking at getting an iPad, purely for Netflix whilst I commute on my train. I currently use my iPhone 7 plus but the screen is just too small to enjoy shows and I’m interrupted when I need to reply to a message.

Just wondering about peoples recommendations on an iPad purely for video consumption, whether to go with the iPad mini or 9.7inch?

If it’s literally just for this why not pick up a decent Android tablet for half the price?


Don’t wanna start a iOS vs android debate here :joy: but I personally prefer iOS


Ok it’s not really about OS I imagine the Netflix app is exactly the same no matter which OS you go for. If it’s just for video consumption buying an iPad is a bit of an overkill. It’s your money though!

So my answer is realisically any iPad will do the job, buy the one that best suits your budget and requirements, go to the Apple store, hold them and see which you prefer.

I get your point about Netflix being universal between Android and iOS. I guess my main question is around screen size and what people recommend, is 7.9inch too small for video consumption?

We have an iPad Mini at home and it’s fine for Netflix with a good pair of headphones. It’s screen is much bigger then your standard phone style screen.

You definitely need to see one though to get a real feel for the size and weight of it. It’s an expensive error if you’re not 100%.

Picture…for science.

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I’d go so far as to say that a set of any head/ear phones is the major factor in regard to watching Netflix on a commute. As for screen size, I’d go for the biggest screen you’d be happy to cart about. Be that iPhone SE or iPad Pro.


Not to mention Android tablets are mostly 16:9 which is way better if you’re literally just watching video.

I would say if you’re set on an iPad the new Air is a nice size and has the laminated screen which really makes a difference to image quality. Also not crazily priced like the Pros.

laminated screen for me is a must, seen comparison and really don’t like it the non laminated.

The new air is nice but I can’t justify the price of a brand new iPad when it will literally be for out and about, I have my computer at home which I use when i’m there. Looking on eBay for pre-owned iPads with laminated displays… shame the standard iPad doesn’t have it.

Yeah the laminated screen makes a real difference - especially with helping to reduce reflections, which can be bad when using on a train next to the window (unless your commutes are on the underground rather than overground trains)

Not wishing to skirt the original question, but on the odd occasion I commute into London, having noise cancelling headphones is a game changer - Especially for video consumption. Perhaps I’m just a bit deaf, but I struggle to pick up the quieter scenes with normal headphones on a train.

If your question was screen size - I’d personally go 9.7" or larger.

You can probably get a dirt cheap iPad Air 2 which would fit the bill nicely!


Might be worth checking out Apples Certified Refurbished store too (although this would be more expensive than a second hand one off eBay most likely)

I use an iPad 10.5” for this exact reason. It’s perfect.

As someone said previously, the Refurbished and Clearance store will be the best place to find one — it’s where I bought mine.


I haven’t used a bigger iPad for any extended period of time, but I love the Mini. It’s so small and light, so extremely portable and I find the screen big enough for watching video when out and about.

If you can get to an Apple Store (or similar) to try out both sizes & weights in person, that’s really the best way to decide. Even if you’re going to get an older model second-hand, it will let you know which size works for you.

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I bought a 9.7" pro used on ebay for about £250 which would probably fit the bill. Better screen than the mini and the standard iPad I think.

@adamhale, No one can answer the question on which size to get apart from you. You’ll just have to get to a store and try out each size.

For what it’s worth, I really like the mini for commuting and don’t find it too small for movies, but I’m sure many do find it too small.

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I would agree, I bought my iPad Pro 9.7 from the refurbished store over 2 years ago, as soon as it was released on there at a 20% discount.

If you can pick up a Pro 10.5 for a decent price, I think that would be a good solution.

An iPad mini watching Netflix isn’t going to be that much bigger than a phone.