Best bank app for spending & budgeting

(forgive me if there’s already an adjacent topic)

I’ve been seeing lots of ‘cash stuffing’ videos on TikTok & YouTube and want to sort of replicate this without physical cash. I’ve got Starling/Monzo/Revolut/Algbra, which would all be competent at this but there are specific features which are only on some apps and not others, such as:

  • Virtual card attached to pot (not paid) - Starling only
  • Target/remaining spend - Monzo & Revolut (and NatWest weirdly)
  • Best selection of categories - Starling, Revolut (can make your own, free)
  • Earn a decent interest rate on pots - Monzo, Revolut

Do any of you use this budgeting technique? Which app(s) do you use? (screenshots would be very welcome :smile:)

What is cash stuffing?

Envelope budgeting. I don’t know why social media is insistent on renaming very logically named things with something people really need to be in the know to understand, but there we are.

Out of those banks, Monzo is the best option for this sort of budgeting approach.


I still don’t know what it is. Is it micromanaging your money to say you have £10 this month for Greggs and if you run out you can not have a Greggs sausage roll until payday?

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Yes, that’s it, basically.


Ah that’s what it’s called. That makes much more sense.


Revolut good for their pockets as you can pay CPA’s from them for free

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I feel personally attacked.


Still waiting for the day you can assign a virtual card to a Pocket for this :crossed_fingers:t3:

I know you can just create a virtual and then payment comes from Pocket anyway, but would make it better to spend directly from them.

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