Being able to add a separate “label” to standing orders

Don’t know if it has already been suggested (couldn’t see anything specific when I searched) but I’d like to suggest the ability to name standing orders separately to its “reference” field.

An example of this is my standing order to my Landloard has the reference of my house number and my name as they need that for cataloging their incoming payments from tenants, however I’d like to come up as “rent” when I see it from my end in the monzo end. So having a label for these sort of standing orders would be good.

This would be separate to tags as it’ll just come up as “rent” or whatever else you label it as on your feed

This feature has been suggested previously. You can vote for it here:

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Yep seen that, my suggestion is slightly separate to tags, where it just re-labels the standing order on your transaction feed to something else, so you can have easier understanding instead of long reference names for said standing order :slight_smile: