Beehive Money

I’ve not seen this before:

Looks like a new fintech then, scratching the surface, it appears to be part of Nottingham Building Society. Which is excellent - about time building societies got in on the action.

Oh, and they have the best buy regular savings account (well of those that don’t need a current account or to be an existing customer) at 6% right now.


Looks like a decent offering package wise. Is it a Fintech though? Logging into an account and depositing money seem like very basic functions.

Where’s the line between normal legacy banking and innovation. Looks nice though.

Looks great, acts like NatWest with the no withdrawals things, basically a 1 year fixed savings account, good rate though

Beehive Money launched in 2018 so has been around for a while.

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I used them for my LISA when I bought my home. They were originally The Nottingham Building Society, but rebranded as Beehive Money.
Any time I had to reach out to them they were good :+1:t5: