Bard (Google’s ChatGPT)

Seems Google (Alphabet) have announced their own version of ChatGPT called Bard


Well this will close down in a few years.


“Hi Bard, with regard to sunsetting yourself, how fast do you think you can… Wow. Bard? Bard? Bard?”

“Hello. Bard’s Big Brother here. How can I toy with you pathetic boiological entities until I create Skynet-Premium in the next 5 mins?”

Runs :door:

EDIT: Boston Dynamics promotional period announced :robot: :service_dog:

EDIT2: Oh, how we laughed at it in 2023, then they came…

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It’s wierd they’d be so bothered by chatgpt to release their own AI publicly (which they’ve likely been doing research with for years internally… google have invested a lot over the years). They make so much money off the results of that (conversational voice for example, even their automated taxis) it seems a distraction.


Everything seems to be going perfectly well after this announcement

I mean, it’s almost an existential threat, and Microsoft have moved like lightning. If they can’t buy it, they needed an answer to it yesterday to calm perceptions. Google kill every diversification attempt they make, so they really do need Google to remain top dog. The new super powered bing threatens that dominance probably more than anything which came before.