Barclays 'Making money work for you' campaign

Just saw this ad from Barclays - strange tactic, almost directly copying Monzo’s own marketing tagline :thinking:

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It’s a catchy phrase, and I suspect very few of the target audience will think of Monzo as competition.

Isn’t Monzo’s tagline “Money made easy”?

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“Make money work for you” is a pretty common financial phrase. I’m sure others must have used it, or something similar, as an advertising slogan before.

But I’m not sure Monzo have. The Monzo taglines that spring to my mind are -

The bank of the future
Banking made easy
You make Monzo, Monzo
Your Money, Sorted

The last one doesn’t really count as it hasn’t really been used yet. But even so, I don’t see an almost direct copy. Perhaps I’ve missed one?

on Monzo main Twitter feed -

“We’re a bank that lives on your phone, on a mission to make money work for everyone. Join our community:”

close :slight_smile: …the advertising department at Barclays earning their coin that day

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This is where it’s likely been seen before.

Monzo’s mission statement:

Now I’m just waiting for the “You make Barclays, Barclays” campaign :joy:


The incumbent banks know full well that copying something successful is much easier than creating something successful.

Nationwide launched their “On your side” campaign in 2011, which worked well because it rhymed with “nationwide”, then in 2015 the innovators at Lloyds came out with their “By your side” campaign, which does not rhyme with Lloyds and is just mimicking Nationwide’s successful connection with customers.

At the end of the day normal people don’t know it’s plagiarism and wouldn’t care if they did know. It’s only a handful of people on a bank’s community forum who are bothered :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Why is it a strange tactic?

Whole lot of seeing connections where there are none it seems.

After 3 failed transactions in a row from Barclays (despite the funds being available) i’ve had enough… 20+ years banking with the same institution… Not anymore :slight_smile: #CASS #FULLMONZO