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Excluding Barclays Basic account.

I just had a look… I wondered why they’d disallow that. Possibly, due to offline transactions putting the customer into an overdrawn state? It looks like the card isn’t contactless, too!

Course, this is understandable, but nowadays how would you pay at a vending machine, or for the bus, things like that?

Virgin, Nationwide and co-op allow contactless on their basic accounts. I think it’s just Barclays being difficult.

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That they do well. I have two profiles. One has a savings account, the other a current account, but they both show my Barclaycard? I’ve requested merging several times.

It’s always been the case with Barclays Basic.

Doesn’t really make sense to be fair.

Santander too. Their basic account debit card isn’t contactless.

I think that is more to do with the fact that NFC access on iPhones is restricted to Apple only.

Barclaycard has turned up and have managed to set everything up! Now just need to make sure I use it reasonably and pay it off in full

I think I was surprised about getting a £1,200 limit because the sites (MSE etc) said I had a 0% chance of acceptance, I had never had a card before, I already have an interest free overdraft with my Santander student account, and I had just applied for Capital One who hard checked me but couldn’t verify my details for some reason.

Congrats :smile: Setting up a direct debit or standing order to make sure no payments get missed will be the most important thing.

They’re only really educated guesses the same as credit scores, based on averages more than anything. I’ve had it go the other way, been declined for products I was told I was pre-approved for.


I was fiddling in the app as yesterday was the first ever time I have bothered to open Barclays… I pressed through some screens and just found it let me upgrade without a verification so came here to see if anyone else had done it.

So they will likely just let it sit at premier till they review it and kick it back to normal?

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Pretty much. They did email me recently to say that they noticed I didn’t meet the requirements and that they would be making it a regular account but that I would get the Avios until June 2025 if I still paid £12 a month.

So I’ll have got 2 upgrade vouchers (well, 4 one way), plus 70,000 Avios for £360. Fine with that.

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Another potentially stupid question incoming - Will I get told if I inputted the wrong details when setting up the direct debit? Slightly paranoid (for no reason whatsoever) that I have inputted the wrong details, but obviously don’t want to be charged any interest for not paying off fully.

Apart from that, first impressions are what I expected based on what others said. The app is rubbish and some features just don’t work, and it has crashed a few times. Online banking seems to work significantly better. However, I’m not too bothered about it. As long as I can view my transactions and how much has been spent, that’s all I really need.

I’m pretty sure it validated the details when I set mine up, but there will be plenty of time for it to show up on your current account before they try and use it.

Your statements will state whether an amount is being collected by direct debit or not, they probably will do so from the start if you’re setting it up from the outset. Sometimes based on timings the first statement won’t use it, but yours should.

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Thank you! I’ve tried searching around for answers but nothing was particularly detailed. Always good to make sure I’m doing stuff right, especially with my first credit card!

You’ll be able to see if it’s set up online at Manage account > scroll down to Payments > Direct Debit payments > Manage or set up payments.

Your statements will say this once it’s collecting via direct debit:


They also email you every month to confirm the direct debit is going to be taken and how much for.


Thanks again! I’ll be looking out for that in the coming days/weeks

My Barclaycard is not showing up in the Barclays app after signing up for a current account. Do I have to call for them to sort it out?

They will need to merge your profiles so they both show. Give them a call tomorrow and should be done within a few days.

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They said that due to app sign up it might take a few days to all start showing and working right as my CA and CC are on the same profile already.

Does anyone know if there is a minimum term on the avios plus CC?

I want to dip in and hit the spend and then downgrade. Anyone know if that is doable?

Oh goody, I’ve got a new standard interest rate on my ancient Barclaycard Platinum.

They raised it from 11.9% to 21.8%

I reckon I’ve had this card longer than I’ve had my children, and the oldest is 17 :sob:.