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iOS app remains the same as it was.

Having right old time with Barclays Partner Finance. Contacted them to change my direct debit details before the payment was due, and I was told “it’ll be fine mate” it’ll come out from the old account this month then start at the new one next month. Cool, that’s great, I thought. Was it fuck.

They cancelled the old direct debit and didn’t collect for this month. Their systems show it as pending so every advisor I speak to says “it’ll be fine” when the DD mandate is clearly cancelled. Had to call and make a complaint and a card payment. At least I have a record of the conversation if it impacts my credit rating, but not ideal just before a move.

Such an incompetent bunch.

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Help screen on the latest iOS version, very different to the other screens for example.


Sorry you had a bad time. I moved mine from Monzo to HSBC using their online chat and it went through fine this month.

I moved mine a bunch of time and it was fine every time. This time they told me the DD would still come out of the old account this month and then cancelling it. I even offered to contact them at the end of the month once it’s been taken and they said no, no, it’ll be fine.

They’ve caught the Nationwide bug

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I applied for a Barclaycard a week or so ago. They couldn’t tell me straight away if I was accepted so had to wait. If I have now got an email saying “Welcome to your new card”, that means I’ve been accepted, right? Will I get login details through the post soon then?

Sorry if these are stupid questions. It’s my first credit card and wasn’t expecting to be accepted.

The wording would certainly suggest you’ve been accepted!

Just have to wait for it all to come through the post now.

If you already have a Barclays account it might show up in the app before you physically get it these days. I’ve had mine since the olden days so I’m sure things will have modernised a bit since then.


That is obviously what I thought, just always like to make sure with this sort of stuff so thank you :smile:

Hopefully the post doesn’t take too long. I’m not good at waiting :laughing:

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Couldn’t get my Barclaycard to work yesterday. Was declined twice, through Curve and Google Pay, yet another card worked first time.

Contacted Barclaycard. Clueless. Allegedly no record of declined transactions, yet I have the transaction slips.

Mine is getting closer to being binned, along with Barclays too.


I have no intention of staying with Barclays long term. I had my first account with them and for some reason, had to visit a branch to use the app. Didn’t want to do that so switched to Santander for their student account.

It’s my first credit card and I don’t really have a great income yet so had a limited number of cards I could apply for.


That’s a good one! It’s more like go into branch to have your customer accounts linked which will fail a couple of times requiring repeat visits and waiting with a crystal ball guessing whether it’ll work this time.

Barclaycard is a solid credit card as far as high street credit cards go, but Barclays as a whole is a shit show

The Barclaycards are good cards to be fair, they have good ongoing balance and money transfers at low rates if you ever need them, and you can sign up at for cashback offers. With the Rewards card having 0% fx fee and 0.25% cashback, it’s one of the best all rounder credit cards I have.

The app is still trash though.

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Ever since I switched my Barclaycard from Avios to Rewards, I’ve not been able to see statements in app.
Finally I had some time last week and I rang support. They opened an IT ticket, and switched my statements to “online & post”. The IT ticket is still open, I’ve heard nothing so far, no statements in app and I just got a statement in the post.
Welcome back to 2005.

Coupled with the fact they still don’t allow their cards onto Google or Samsung Pay, I’m close to researching another 0% fx credit card to wave this one bye bye.

The whole company is trash ime. When the app went wrong, support were utterly hopeless. The directed to the branch, who directed back to the helpline. The complaints department were no better.

But, yes, 0% fx and 0.25% cashback is all round market leading. But I’ve still binned it.

How long does it normally take to get stuff in the mail from Barclaycard? Been over a week and no mail yet. I do keep getting emails though, one which had a my credit limit which I was surprised at considering it’s my first card.

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Most companies I have found tell you your credit limit either during the application or soon after via email.

Did they not say how long to expect?
These days I find it can be anything from 7 to 14 days for a new card, unless it’s an urgent placement.


Barclaycard’s website and support give slightly different timescales so just wanted an idea from others.

I wasn’t surprised they told me my limit, I was surprised at what my limit was.

Lower or higher than you were expecting?

This wording assumes higher than expecting.

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