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I really hope Barclaycard won’t keep preventing me from switching my card for too long. I am currently trapped on the worst possible card, the £20pm Avios Plus. I have no need for it, I just wanted it for the collection.

I have always been able to switch cards pretty much instantly, but now it seems my luck has run out. I’ll pay one month’s fee, but if next month I can’t switch, it’s bye bye Barclaycard. Not that I use it much. Might get an RBS (or Yonder!) card for 0% fx fees if Chase don’t pull their finger out.

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Might as well since you are going full RBS (Drummonds). :wink:

But that doesn’t have a fancy enough app!

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Be nice to have it all together though. :thinking:

Often happens to me, yet system status says all fine. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day, as they pretty much never know how to resolve things when you get through anyway!

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Feels like there might be a lesson somewhere in there :grin:

Not that I use Barclaycard that much. Won’t be missed if I have to close it.

Quite like the Prem Banking card being embossed have to admit.

Barclaycard were a pain for me swapping cards. Found it easier to just later and reopen 6 months later

My Barclaycard Platinum intro offer ends in 2 days, All paid off but not too sure what to do with it. It is handy as it has balance transfer and money transfer offers every now and then.

Previously tried to close it which they said they had done but found 2 months later they couldn’t as they couldn’t find the card number in the system :confused:

Anyway just had a look in the app and can’t seem to switch it to anything else. May just keep it until I build up a decent emergency fund.

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All Barclaycards do.


How long does it usually take for other cards to show so I can switch? Only had mine since January.

It depends on a set of mystery criteria. For me it’s always been the next working day after switching, until now. Others never get the option.

Strange! I don’t use it for much to be fair, maybe that’s why…

Well it finally happened - they realise I’m not putting the salary in for Barclay’s Premier. They obviously have got rid of the £20 fee option.

So from June I’ll be a regular Barclay’s account, however interestingly I can continue getting the Avios and upgrade voucher for a further 12 months despite it not being a regular account benefit:

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Surely you can just join again? They don’t seem to check anything on the application

Possibly, though now I’ve had official words from them I’d rather not. It was a pleasant perk that I knew was cheeky. I’ll have got 61,000 Avios and 4 upgrade vouchers out of it for £288 so it’s all good.


Anyone noticed the Pay and Transfer + Help screens looks very out of place in terms of design, when comparing it with the rest of the app.

These 2 screens match the homepage but the other screens haven’t been updated. Are they just slowly introducing the new UI to the app?

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What new UI? I haven’t noticed anything different in the Barclays app; nothings changed for a long time.

Yes I notice the help screen has a different design to the other pages.

Screenshots? I’d be surprised if they were updating the branding in the app considering they haven’t even extended the new design to anywhere beyond the homepage of the website yet.