Audible....any good?

How did I get this deal please?

Hey @Vacuumfriends, I’m not 100% sure the way you would go if you are just signing up brand new, as it might just be on the signup page, but this is the way I would go right now with an account.

Click your Hi, Name! and then Account Details:


Then click Switch Membership (this may be named different for you):


Then I would select the one I would like to change it to and select “Get this plan”.


Like I said, your options may be different if you don’t have an active account.

Just heads up, you get a free month and then can get it reduced to £3.99 a month for 3 months if you message them and ask for a cheaper quote.

Thank you so much

Shall try this thanks

No worries amazon customer service are usually pretty good at offering you a better offer if you try to end a subscription.

I haven’t tried it myself but you might want to try Playster

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