Did anyone else pickup on Atmen start up? :thinking:

It reminds me of early stage of Monzo and Starling :grin:

I did pre-register on Google Play. Looking forward to testing their MVP :nerd_face::drum:

I didn’t like that every single account will (may) have individual debit card, it would be too many if you have 3 accounts or so :credit_card::credit_card::credit_card: :neutral_face: :credit_card::credit_card::credit_card:

About Us

Our story started here when our Founder Marvyn Smith was looking at the world around him in June 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and civil unrest movement across the world. Communities regardless of ethnicity, heritage, employment background and social position in society all united for a common cause.

From personal experiences Marvyn identified with the unconscious biases that affected the wider community where he was prejudged and despite being professionally qualified and experienced, he was discriminated against. Marvyn wanted to make a difference and to be an example at the same time by doing something unique that will leave a legacy.

Founded in July 2020 by like-minded Individuals, when the world was struggling with the ‘new normal’, Atmen presented itself as having a necessary place in society. Atmen in German translates to ‘To Breathe’, it is apparent that the act of breathing restricted life either with the Covid-19 virus or with systemic institutional biases in society.

Taking all these events into account Marvyn and the other Co-Founders wants Atmen to be inclusive, diverse and better different from the very beginning.

What is this bollocks? How on earth does it relate to launching a payment card?

After banging on about diversity, why is the sole person depicted a white, thin, influencer–type girl?

Why is there a B👑 on the cards?

Why did they name it something which sounds like a queer hook–up app?

Why does this all look like some GCSE project?

Just, “why?” to pretty much everything.

Well, it just a start up stage :roll_eyes:
Will see where it goes soon as they planning to crack-on in June

Yes, they clearly underline “B” colour :neutral_face:, not sure how much it will help them to gain more customers :thinking:

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So you’re a big fan and have signed up?

Well, it knocks spots of my Viola Black account for randomness.

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Viola didn’t have a multi coloured giraffe


Eh? As far as I can see they do nothing of the sort.

What does “B Colour” actually mean, and what does it have to do with a company called Atmen?

If you’re going to use emoji so heavily perhaps you should take the time to understand what each one means.

For example, the ‘eye roll’ one used in the above sentence comes across as you being quite rude. I’m sure you didn’t intend to but thought I’d let you know!

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Surely this is a pre-paid card with an app which facilitates multi-currency transfers. One card…

As others have more succinctly put, it’s confused at best and looks like an early Revolut product.

Don’t get the giraffe
Don’t get the “B”

Shan’t be getting it :relieved:

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My takeaway as a Disney+ subscriber is that this possibly represents the term Black is King. Not sure why. Companies that suck at explaining why they exist, and why they do what they do tend to be ones I avoid. I care more about why than what, and Atmen seems more focused on what.

Personally I won’t put my money or personal information anywhere near a financial institution which can’t even put the same registered office address in different places on the website (in the footer, and in the privacy notice; yes it’s important to read those things).

The whole enterprise comes across as utterly amateurish at best, a massive scam at worst, if I’m honest.

I still can’t get my head around why Marvyn thinks they are subjected to unconscious bias because of the brand of debit card they carry around.

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You are the one user!

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Reminds me of this

You should see their responses to people on social media :joy:

Given I have Revolut what’s the point? I feel the exact same about Monese which I used to use

Given that the Mastercard logo can only be oriented one way, exactly which way are you supposed to hold the card?

Mess :rofl:

Maybe your supposed to hold it like you have the arms of a t rex?


Focusing on account sample printscreen, it may be a few debit cards per account :credit_card::credit_card::thinking:

But it can’t be, surely. I mean, WHY? :flushed:

I didn’t because it wasn’t directed at me. However eye rolling in general is and it seems like you weren’t aware.

It was just a passing comment to help with etiquette because I assume you’re not originally from the UK so it might have a different meaning elsewhere. I didn’t intend for it to take over the topic, however if you choose to ignore it don’t be surprised at reactions from people :slight_smile:

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I think you’re just annoyed that some one is out-ruding your rudeness! The dead inside smile emoji gave it away.

This is probably best for the emoji thread, but, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from folks thinking the thank you emoji is a high five is just how vastly different social circles can interpret them!

The :roll_eyes: emoji can have so many interpretations depending on tone. I’ve used to allude to someone being dumb, or to mean I don’t care, or whatever (the way Catherine Tate’s Lauren says it), or as part of a sassy retort. My friends will understand which it is when I use, but I doubt folks on here would.

The key thing there though is tone. Apparently emoji’s convey tone, and the tone can dictate what the emoji means, which isn’t something we’re meant to respond to. :grimacing:


So anyway…… back to the topic in hand🤨