ATM Locator Within Monzo App

(Justin I'Onn) #1

There’s an app in the Google Play store which can seemingly locate the nearest ATM; detailing whether it’s free-to-use, or detailing the cost if any surcharge is applied.

I’m uncertain if the ATM information is crowdsourced via the app’s users. Some of the app’s reviews regarding its accuracy are less than stellar…

Could a similar ATM locator be built into the Monzo app?

(Allie) #2

Given that it’s in Monzo’s best interest that we not use ATMs and steer toward POS card use where possible, I can’t imagine this feature making business sense.

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Cash around for decades to come
Cash around for decades to come
(Patrick) #24

I actually think an ATM finder is a good idea - specially since you can’t use Monzo cards in Link only ATMs, it could show you the nearest one you can actually use.

I get the whole cashless thing. I’ve used ATMs a single digit number in the last 5+ years. But very occasionally you do need one.

As for taxis, I hate them. Plus Uber is dodgy as - I’m a 37 year old man, yet I’d never get in an Uber on my own. About half of all the Ubers I’ve been in have had something wrong/dodgy about them - no private hire licence displayed anywhere, private hire plates from a council miles and miles away, driver obviously not the person in the picture in app, the list goes on.

(Harry) #30

How did this turn into a debate on whether people need cash or not? Of course there are situations where you still require cash. That’s a given.

Bearing in mind the fact that Monzo does not want their customers to use ATMs where possible and the fact there are other alternatives to finding ATMs, I don’t see this ever being a feature that Monzo will implement.

(Allie) #31

It would be easy enough to implement, assuming MasterCard allows access to the data (which is available on their own site, and easy enough to use - it’s just the licence/legal concerns).

Until then, the MasterCard Nearby app gives you this functionality if you need it (awful app, but still).

(James Wheatley) #32

Personally, I cannot remember the last time I needed to take cash out of an ATM but Google Maps allows you to find the closest ATM so not sure if they have an API that Monzo can access within the app?

(Tom ) #33

This actually came up before (a long time ago in fact!) and this was Hugo’s response.

(Tristan Thomas) #34

I actually think this would be really useful, if it was accurate! A combination of crowdsourcing and previous transactions could do it pretty well I’d imagine…


A bit like ‘Waze’ of ATM locations :slight_smile:

(Allie) #36

Why would that make it better than the official one from MasterCard?

(Colin Robinson) #37

More convenient if it’s in the app?

(Justin I'Onn) #38

Because that Android app I linked to also lists which corner shops will provide free “cash back” - not just ATMs.

I’ve installed the app and taken a look. It’s a good idea in principle, but the data is out of date.

There’s a convenience store right across the road from my home, which has both an ATM and offers cash back… but isn’t listed. I can’t see any option for me to manually update the data to share with others within the app.

Being able to crowdsource info like that within the Monzo app would be groundbreaking for any bank.