Assign category to multiple expenses

Can I select multiple line items, and assign them all the same category?

Having just upgraded to Monzo Plus, I have added my other (currently, primary) bank and am enjoying the extra visibility into my spending habits. But categorising each spend individually is a tedious three taps.

Surely there could be (or already is?) an edit mode, which allows for bulk assignment, or else a smart suggest feature that recognises and recommends my chosen category for similarly-named expenses?

I did a quick search for this request, as I’m sure it has come up numerous times and is maybe even possible with the current UI.

Hi. Welcome.

It’s been mentioned quite a few times and in multiple threads, it’s something that’s being worked on but beyond that, no idea how quickly it will arrive.


Hi @daveregan & welcome :wave:

It’s coming. The groundwork is already in the latest version of the app (3.97.0)

The likely options will look like:

  • We’ll apply %1$s to this transaction and all new ones at %2$s going forwards
  • We’ll apply %1$s to all new and historic transactions at %2$s
  • We’ll apply %1$s just to this transaction, but not to any future ones at %2$s
  • Going forward
  • All past and going forward
  • Just this once

Another Dave hits the forum - unstoppable momentum of the best name in the world :wink:

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Oh, that’s brilliant (and sorry for missing the other threads!)

The options sound v powerful. im sure the action sheet design is just exploratory, but it feels v lightweight given:

  1. the number of potential choices
  2. the extent of what each option could change, and the ease of undoing that
  3. 1, 4 or 5 set a preference i might want to change in future

Excited to see where you land with it!

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