Army and Navy

Just noticed that transactions from ‘House of Fraser’ are showing up in the feed as ‘The Army & Navy’. Is Mike Ashley going for a rebrand or is this some weird time warp data muddle?


Should it not say “Toon Army” :joy:


Clearly another Merchant Data Fail

I thought that but Army & Navy haven’t been around for years and I can’t see how that would be in the Monzo system?

What does the merchant data say at the bottom of the sale on the app?

Was anyone else hoping for a thread about Army and Navy sweets?

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Army and Navy was a department store group acquired by House of Fraser in the 70s. Their store in SW1 was badged as such until a few years ago (around 2006 or so). The three others were in Maidstone, Camberley and Chichester. Are you possibly in one of those locations?

maybe it’s a “sport are troops” thing

Nope, Bluewater. It has always been a HOF and they used to show up as HOF transactions. Why would Monzo have merchant data from a store that closed in 2006 :thinking:

It gets worse. I didn’t think the logo looked like the one for the Army and Navy department store, so I tracked it down.

It’s a private members club in London.


And very smart it is too. Been taken there a few times. Don’t think you’d get much for a fiver in there though. R-

Great work! How bizarre :thinking:

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