Are you ready for an electric car?

From reading the comments, people don’t seem too happy about it :confused:

They will need to suck it up or else pay the increase, up to nearly £1000 for some !

Thats not a new thing, its been that way since 17’. Thats only the first year on registration, second year onwards is £145 for B-M.

So a vehicle chucking out 255+ g/km pays the same as 1-50 hybrids.

Edit: Hybrids pay 10 quid less at £135

If you buy something like a G63 AMG the £2,135 on first reg (and £465 x 5yrs for £40k+ lux tax) probably is insignificant to your finances.

Those comments are so full of misconceptions and fear mongering that’s its honestly really disheartening.

Fears about where all of the chargers are going to go, apparently every parking space will need to have a charge point…
Electric car batteries will go flat because of traffic jams…
Apparently its greener to keep an old banger than to get an EV…
EVs are more polluting than ICE due to batteries…
The whole thing obviously won’t be possible until we have self-charging cars…
People will steal all of the charging wires every night…
If you get caught in the snow overnight in an electric car you will die…
The grid won’t cope…
The batteries significantly degrade in 3 to 5 years…
There are not enough windmills

And that’s just from the top rated comments!
The cognitive dissonance is astonishing. Electric cars in 2032 will certainly have as much if not more range than ICE cars, and the charge times will likely be similar to refueling if things continue to progress at the rate they currently are.
You’d swear that all of these commenters are filling up their tank every day to get to work. And that they cannot conceive of the idea of charge points being at existing service/fuel stations.


You mean you don’t fuel your car at home from your home made petrol every night?

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I swear the BBC HYS comments used to be fairly tolerable and people used their brain a bit. It’s a real cess pit on par with the Daily Mail or YouTube some days.

Interestingly, government appear to be set to slash the benefit in kind tax on electric cars to 0% for at least one year. Which essentially means if your employer signs up for cars on salary sacrifice you can get your car payments tax free. Massive bonus there.

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That’s what we’ve done.

Simply confirms my view that the motor industry needs to start selling. Before that they will need to educate their staff.
Sadly it will not happen because the dealerships can’t afford to pay the sums that the makers demand and the makers can’t afford to give up ICEs.

20,000 orders in the book already. 1500 will be delivered in the U.K. in March.

" * The VW ID.3 electric car was made available to order in the UK in May 2019

  • This was 4 months before images and details of the car were officially revealed
  • First allocation of 1,500 cars were sold in 48 hours, according to a UK dealer
  • Vehicle waiting list is now 20,000 strong - and fears over supply have grown given the recent bottleneck in battery availability for electric cars

Good marketing spiel that to create interest in a new product which has not yet reached delivery into the market.


I am not perhaps as cynical as you because I am being offered a car in a few weeks.
But that aside have you tried any of the above cars yet, novelties or otherwise ?