What Car Do You Drive? πŸš™ πŸš—

Details, please!

I currently drive a Ford Fiesta Zetec 15 reg :raised_hands: Race red. 1.0 manual EcoBoost 80HP.

Ford invited me to a VIP event this weekend just gone and I am waiting on delivery of a new car now :see_no_evil: I got savings for being a customer, and then an extra savings bonus.

I have to wait a month for it… the new car is :drum::drum::drum::drum::drum:

Ford EcoSport Manual 1.0 litre EcoBoost. 125HP. ST LINE I really wanted more gadgets, and this has so many. I’m so excited and have booked some days off in July to go driving.

The colour is Tiger Eye, and opinion amongst family and friends is split :joy:


P.S. Only hating on Nissan Jukes allowed


I really like the front of the Ecosport, and the interior seems decent - I even don’t mind that colour (it looks great on the ranger especially)…

I drive a Kuga in Deep Impact Blue and its my 18th car in 8 years of driving :flushed: I did look a the Ecosport but it wouldn’t take my bikes…

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whyyyyy so many!?

Mainly just cos I can’t commit to a car haha. I love it for a year or so and then get bored and make plans to change… that along with a couple of project cars and a not very successful start to my driving β€˜career’…

Plus i am really into cars so i want to try as many as i can so i know what i could be missing :wink:


You sound like my boyfriend. :joy:

We thought about a detachable tow bar and a tow bar rack for bikes if we use the EcoSport for that sort of thing. We’ll see :wink:

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Nice choice of a new car, I knew a few people who have one.

I currently have a 2014 black 1.6L TDI Bluemotion VW Golf.

Looking to change it in the next 12 months to one of the following

New VW Polo GTI
Just announced 2018 Audi A1

I’d also like to see the new Golf and 1 Series before I choose though, See how far my budget goes… before I make any choices :see_no_evil: (The house deposit is going really well at the moment but I don’t want to disrupt that) they are refreshing them in the next few months so I feel it’s worth the wait to see.
I get rather indecisive with stuff like this :man_shrugging:t3:

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I looked at new Kugas and all of the same specs - settled for a boot liner and got a 12 month old one instead of new new… saved me 12k getting it β€œnearly new” so not all bad… you will have to check if it has Ford Sync Connect (lock/unlock, set zircon and start engine from FordPass app)

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A modified Audi S3, however will be selling it shortly as I wish to purchase a property instead!


I’m excited about the tech in it :see_no_evil: got the B&O sound system and touch screen navigation so can use Android Auto.

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To add I don’t need a new car. I just want oneπŸ™ˆ, As you also say @BethS I just love the gadgets! I would probably be better off putting the money towards a house deposit

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I am the same. But my house saving is going well and I’m hitting 30 soon so I am using that as an excuse.

I don’t like my birthday, or people buying me things and the attention, but I will gladly use it as an excuse to buy myself things!

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I had an A1 but sold it, not sure whats next

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Rock and Roll, Audi Fan :slight_smile:


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Am boring (and poor!): Mazda 2, 2008.

I really like it actually. I’ll probably get an older MX-5 once I’ve put enough miles on this :slight_smile:

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Thats on my mega list of previous, had a 2.0l 2006 MX-5 - lovely car but drank the fuel on the 220 mile trip back home to visit family, which at the time was quite frequent…


Out of interest, what sort of MPG were you getting?

I get 45 to 60 depending on conditions etc.

I got 2.5k savings by going to the event :see_no_evil:

I can start the engine from the app!? Saywhat!? I didn’t know this, now I’m more excited.

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I used to get about 30-35mpg on the motorway… and around 20 urban, but it was worth it for top off sunny days :wink:



Yea, if you have Ford Sync Connect (not to be confused with Ford Sync 3)… I only have Ford Sync 3, but I live in Croydon so its probably safer not having it :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently a Renault Clio 2013 in grey.

Want to change it in the next 12 months to either a BMW 1 Series or an Audi A3. Grandparents just got a new car with CarPlay and it’s so cool! I love the Clio but sadly Renault doesn’t seem to want to adopt CarPlay or Android Auto :frowning:

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