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(Emma (still not the app)) #40

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Don’t think he’s been asked that one


Remind me what Maria said? :grinning:


Why is Maria a problem?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #43

Well that didn’t take long! Less than three weeks ago:

What happened?

RBS plans on opening a digital challenger bank
(Emma (still not the app)) #44

At least it wasn’t “it’s not you it’s me” it was more of a “it’s you, it’s definitely all you”.


I just had to check that @anon38274058 wasn’t the same user that posted this:

(Spolier: it wasn’t - that was @phteven79!)



I will be totally transparent and post my conversation with @BethS here and I hope that’s okay.

(Adam) #47

I understood the same meaning as what @BethS mentioned in her reply.

If :monzo: or any bank sent me a message with a thumbs down saying your costing us money, I’d be highly likely to move and would see it as a ‘middle finger’

(Emma (still not the app)) #48

Ditto. As most customers aren’t covering their costs the thumbs down would feel to them like Monzo we’re giving them the middle finger.

Most people don’t change suppliers in the same way stats show most people don’t change their banks. People who use challenger banks clearly disprove that.

Keep the account open and only use it when/if the features you want are added. You’re loosing nothing by doing that. It doesn’t have to be keep it or dump it


(lee) #49

This is pretty interesting to read.

I fall into ‘Non Salaried - Migrated’ and given prepaid is now closed thats the most expensive category - closely followed by ‘Non Salaried - New

From what I see on the current roadmap there’s nothing likely to make me switch my salary in there either. (and this isn’t because i wouldn’t or don’t want to).

At what point does monzo either bin me off or really look into why? (and no its not apple pay and CASS both nice to haves).

How does monzo really understand - especially outside of this forum what customers actually expect/need from it, and why people wont move over?

(Simon B) #50

I think we’ll look at what the salary uptake is after the full CASS rollout, which is very soon for everyone :grinning: And perhaps after another major feature launch. After that, we can really address the other reasons why people may not want to switch, after we’ve grabbed the low hanging fruit.

(lee) #51

Makes sense.

I’m sure CASS and that other feature will both boost the numbers, will be interested to see how much by for both.


If you don’t mind me asking, are you generally happy with your other bank, or are there specific features that are missing in Monzo, and/or something else (effort to switch maybe?) that would prevent you from switching?


All you have to do is ask us and we’ll tell you! Just DM me and I’ll be more than happy to explain!

(Sacha) #54

I was there and I think the finger sign comment was more tongue-in-cheek than anything. I don’t think there would ever be an actual indication (to the customer) whether they were a good or bad customer.

If anything Monzo seem to have a ethos similar to “nudge theory” (based on a really interesting book called Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness). For instance, they nudge customers who top-up rather than transfer, asking if they can use other methods, without any obligation to do so. The nudge approach can be by suggestion, or simply by reordering or rewording the options available to a customer. It has been proven to work successfully in the past.

It looks like the next “nudge” will be asking customers if they can put their salary in, which becomes understandable if it reduces the marginal loss from a customer by 50-75%. I would say the broader risk is assuming everyone will have a salary to pay in. Students won’t, those taking time out of work or looking for work probably won’t. When the nudge comes it will need to be carefully phrased to avoid offending those people.

(Emma (still not the app)) #55

The salary bit bothers me. Why not say income? Are student loans and benefits not good enough?

Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Harry Ashbridge (Writer)

I wonder if it’s because salaried users is an easier term and it’s based on the amount as well I think … :thinking:

incomed users :see_no_evil:

(Emma (still not the app)) #57

Many people are on benefits both in and out of work. By using the term salary it gives the impression that we’re not the sort of people Monzo want. I doubt that’s the case but I’m still waiting from Friday for a reply from chat about what is classed as income (benefits etc) for an overdraft.

Incomed users sounds terrible :scream:

(lee) #58

I started this one 2 years back but it was more of a culmination of all banks i’d used rather then a specific.

Am i happy with my bank - which one? :slight_smile:
The legacies as above link but they offer better features, consistency and perform as expected.
Starling = no (login bug is dumb and infuriating to use and overrides any goodwill i have - i wouldn’t recommend them)
Monzo = its truly brilliant at disposable spending (real time notifications & customer service). But it is a bank in name only and not usability/features.


I totally understand that. :+1:

I’m gonna find out if it’s just salary etc that it refers to.