Apple September Event

Ah, okay, so they’re promoting the services to non-subscribers via push notifications?

Can’t say I recall getting one for news+ which is the one service I don’t care at all about, so haven’t and won’t ever be subscribing anyway. Unless fitness+ impressed me enough that I can justify Apple one premier.

ETA: can’t say I’ve ever gotten one of those notifications asking me to invite friends for free months either. :thinking:

Yeah second this. All came up a while back when they started.

I agree with the iPad pricing. It seems that they just don’t want to lower the price for the slimmer bezel iPads and it just puts the Air in an awkward position

The Watch SE is in a different position as there is quite the gap between the SE and the S6 in terms of pricing. If anything, they should off the S3 and just go with S6 for £380 and SE for £250

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This is through the wonders of a recycled design. It’s very cheap to get your old iPhone 8 production line churning out iPhone SE instead!

No doubt it is. But it shocks me that Apple didn’t go with an A12 SOC or 32GB storage for the base model. I find the package pretty hard to fault.

Me too, it’s great really.

I didn’t mean the comment as tongue-in-cheek, rather as a comment that it’s clearly something which has saved Apple money and it’s this that they are passing on.

I get what you mean that they did not have to pass the whole benefit of this on to customers, and it’s admirable that they did.

I think they can’t quite or don’t want to get the SE at $199 yet. That’ll be next year.

S7 > S6 > SE

Apple used to be really clear and concise with their naming.

MacBook (Standard)
MacBook Pro (Better)
MacBook Air (Lighter)

iPhone S

Anyone can keep track of that.

Now we have Pros, Airs, SEs, Maxs and XR


Returned my AirPods Pro last week and went back to the AirPods which stay in my ears just fine. Funny isn’t it!

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AirPods Pro wiggle themselves out of my ears when I walk. They don’t fall out but move just enough to break the seal and make ANC pointless

The regular AirPods stay in my ears perfectly

I would buy a new pair as the original’s battery is pretty shot but with working from home for the foreseeable future I can’t see myself needing them just yet

I hope Apple won’t end up ‘upgrading’ the design to be Pro-like anytime soon. I find the rubber nubs intrusive in general. AirPods are just more comfortable


@ndrw Get memory foam buds from amazon. I had this and now I love my AirPods for the first time!

Yeah I had other bluetooth headphones with similar buds (in similar sizes S, M, L) they’ve never been the most comfortable.

I bought original AirPods so the battery life was dropping fast, down to 40 mins of music playing out of them (not great when you are planning on being out for an hour at least!) so it was time to upgrade purely for battery life.

I’m curious about this. How long was it before the batteries started to degrade?

I’ve got AirPods Pro to replace my Beats X. For the convenience they’re great and if anyones had the chance to try out Spatial Audio I’m sure they’d say it’s mindblowingly good. I’ve genuinely never experienced anything like it. Despite the convenience I realise battery life isn’t going to be great forever but how quickly they degrade will make all the difference.

It took 2 years to start to show and 3 years in I’m happy if I get 30 mins of music or 2 minutes on a phone call

Was doing the numbers on the weekend to figure out if I could make the switch from Spotify to Apple Music to make Premiere work for me. And then I realised that for a £1 less a month I could have an Xbox Series X with Gamepass Ultimate.

Kind of put the price into perspective for me.


You can have an Xbox, but if you have a few for a family share you can’t get 6 xboxes…!

Whatever floats your boat!

Personally, for me, it would be far more valuable to have access to all Apple services than an Xbox as I would use the Apple services far more - but I can see how gamers would think I’m crazy for saying this!


I ordered my S6 watch on the day of the event and it says delivers 28 Sept. now I had tracking info for the past week but no movement on it at all. Is it normal for Apple to create the tracking number so far in advance of actually shipping the product?

I usually only get it when they dispatch it. They use DPD usually, in my experience.

Hm, odd. This is with DHL and been in ‘Shipment information received’ status for ages

This happens a lot when preordering Apple products. It basically comes in a combined shipment from China and when it leaves the packaging label gets created. It then gets to Eindhoven and gets split. Once you get your first movement once it’s there it will move quite quickly and you will get it the next day or day after.