App freezes when another user is adding to shared tab

Hi there. Myself and my partner have noticed for a while that when we are both in the app and one of us is adding to our shared tab, it causes problems for the other person.
E.g I am in the app just browsing my account, my partner adds a payment to our shared tab - for a few seconds I’m unable to move anywhere/ select any options. It does generally correct itself so not a high severity issue. Just happens very frequently!

Until recently one of us had an older phone (iPhone 6) and the effect was more dramatic - it tended to crash the whole app.

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 14.4.2 (both)
Device: iPhone 8 and iPhone 12 mini (as mentioned above, was much worse on older phone e.g iPhone 6)
App Version: 3.74.0