Anyone using Monzo Business with Pandle Pro?

I am in the process of setting up a side hustle / small business and wanted to know if anyone is using the Monzo Business account with Pandle Pro accounting software and if the bank feeds are reliable?
My wife has a similar setup for her fascinators business with Tide Banking (I know lol) and has it linked with Xero Accounting. I’m reluctant to use Xero at £26 per month vs Pandle Pro which is only £5 and seems to have similar functionality - I need to keep costs down initially.

No but I wouldn’t use Monzo business after using it for 3 months I went back to after I changed to from a sole trader to an Ltd.

That was back from April till Juneish didn’t like the categories and the way it was compared to coconut.

Coconut feels more like an actual business account possibly similar to tide but better :wink: