Anyone using Brave Browser?

(Marcus) #1

Is anyone else using Brave Browser? I’ve been using it for the past month having used chrome. Some of the main benefits I’ve found are:

  • Great ad blocker on mobile and laptop - no youtube ads at all
  • Able to port all information from chrome, easy to switch
  • Seems to run quicker - less RAM usage?
  • Earn ‘BAT’ - their crypto currency. I get to choose which content providers get paid for my attention.

Drawbacks, I’ve noticed some bugs with typing into the URL text box and certain things won’t load properly, like the plugin when I upload expenses.

What do other people think?

(Matt Hill) #2

From a webmasters point of view the plans for the browser seem quite unethical based on the information I’ve had a quick read of.

By default Brave is blocking adverts, however it seems users will soon be able to opt in to Brave’s ad replacement plans. So you will see adverts on websites you browse provided by Brave and not the website you are consuming the content on.

Essentially the end result is Brave are profiting from other people’s content, not the people actually creating the content.

Sure, you might be able to send a tip to sites / content creators, however how many sites are going to accept the BAT token? Or actually spend the BAT token if they do? I suspect not many, meaning creators earn nothing for adverts injected in to their content.

I am also interested in crypto, so from that respect its an interesting idea. However if this browser ever did gain the market share to become relevant like Chrome, Firefox and so on, I do think it sets a dangerous precedent for the internet.

If Google, Mozilla, Microsoft or Apple started using their browsers to inject their own advert content I’m pretty sure this practice would be quickly outlawed in a lot of countries.

(Colin Robinson) #3

I’ve never, ever, thought about using a different browser for my iPad but I’ll give it a go :wink:

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